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Visiting a Gynaecologist

Most women just don’t visit gynaecologists because they don’t feel it’s important. However, every woman should be seeing a gynae at least once a year for an examination. These examinations will help identify any problems (or potential ones) which will help keep you and your vagina healthy.

If you are worried about visiting a gynae, go to a gynae that has been recommended by a trusted friend or family member. You can also take someone along for moral support.

In your first visit, the doctor will ask questions about your menstrual cycle and medical history and only examine the outside of your vagina, unless you are experiencing bad pain, abnormal bleeding, or are sexually active, in which case they will conduct a thorough exam and prescribe medications.

Things you should remember before your visit:

  • Make sure you shower or bath and clean your vagina with just water before visiting a gynae.
  • You don’t need to wax or shave “down there” before your visit – it’s up to you.
  • Don’t schedule your appointment for a time during your period. It makes the exam a bit more difficult and should you need to have tests done, the blood and hormonal levels in your body can cause inaccurate results.
  • You should drink some water before you go as you may need to take a urine test.
  • Jot down any symptoms and/or questions you want to discuss with your gynae, so you don’t forget to ask during the exam.